Monday, August 11, 2008


This is the first day in five days that I've not woken up with a headache. Four straight days I had a headache that I absoultely could not get any relief from.

I tried everything I knew to try - Advil, Motrin, my sinus medication, hot compresses, nothing worked or even took the edge off. I had some relief on Saturday when I self medicated with caffeine - Excedrin and a big ole glass (or two) of iced tea. But even after that, I could still feel a dull ache.

I'm not sure if it was weather related (it's been humid), or hormone related, or what. All I know is they were the worst headaches I've ever had, lasting so long. And I'm grateful I it's finally gone....

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Liz said...

Ya know, I've often wondered how many times when my kids were babies that they might've had a headache or something along those lines. You know, those times when they're crying for no apparent reason & you can't figure out if they're just whiney or if they really have something wrong. The times when you checked their diaper (clean), fed them & all the other usual things. Because a headache doesn't show on the outside, doesn't give you fever or any other "symptoms", it's hard to communicate unless you have the words to do so. Anyway...I know I'm rambling & haven't really commented on your headaches (which I truly am sympathetic to)...but have you ever wondered about this kind of thing, too?