Friday, August 8, 2008


Pretty cool date, don't ya think? The Olympics kick off this evening. We've been setting up the TiVo to tape different things we're interested in watching, and bummed that some stuff we want to see if only going to be shown online, like Tae Kwon Do.

We like to watch the Men's and Women's Swimming and Gymnastics the most.

Four years ago, when the Olympics were last on, I was in my 9 month of pregnancy. Hot. Miserable. Huge. Watching the Olympics every night into the late hours of the night helped keep one distracted, at least until the heartburn set in. LOL.

An as for the 2000 Olympics I don't remember anything about them. Hannah was only four months old and I believe if the Olympics were in August, we were in the midst of medical emergencies. Hannah having been admitted with aspiration pneumonia and myself having undergone emergency surgery to remove my appendix. Yea, I think we might have missed the Olympics that year. LOL.

Any particular Olympic events you are hoping to watch??

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