Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, Monday

Another weekend has come and gone, and so quickly I might add.

On Saturday, we did absolutely nothing all day long. It was so nice! Steven and Hannah played Pirates online game for nearly five hours, yes I said five hours. And I lounged about on the couch, watching chick flick movies. It wasn't until the late afternoon that we got ourselves presentable and met my parents for dinner. And then we went back to their house to show Gramma the pirates game and get her hooked up to play.

Sunday morning we were up and out of the house early. Not only was it church, but we ere having a continental type breakfast buffet at church in honor of the Moms. I arrived shortly after seven to help with the set up. The table turned out so beautiful. Steven's mom met us at church and attended church with us and spent the remainder of the day with us. Following the break down of the buffet table, and Steven breaking down church, we made our way to Orange County, to Medieval Times to be exact. We met up the entire side of my Dad's family, there were 20 of us. My Aunt Sandy treated the entire family, as well as the extended family of mothers, such as Steven's Mom, and Grace's Mom, to the mid afternoon dinner and show. It was a lot of fun, and the food was good too! We came home and settled in and thanks to our TiVo and East Coast Stations, we were able to watch the Survivor Season Finale much, much earlier than those having to watch it on the West Coast Stations. Let's just say that we knew the winner before the West Coast premiere had even begun. Oh how much fun it is to call and tantalize those just beginning the show and have three long hours ahead of them! LOL. You should have come and joined us! :)

This week holds a lot. With only nine school days left, I'm in the final stages of finishing up plans for the class picnic next week, and I am accompanying Hannah's class on their field trip this Thursday. Then there is Open House at the preschool that same night. Friday night is a BIG Night for my brother's band, they are playing at an outdoor amphitheater that is beside a lake! It's going to be so cool! Saturday is a baby shower for someone at our church, Prince Caspian is opening this weekend and that'll be a must see, and perhaps a trip to Disneyland on Sunday after church is in the works with family!

Another busy week, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

that is some continental breakfast! looks beautiful! are we gonna see any pics of your table from the tea you went to recently? i heard your table was beautiful...


Darcy said...

There's a single picture of my table on my old blog. :) I'll email you some close ups this evening when the troops are at Karate!


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