Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look Who's in "Town" for the Summer!

One of my dreams is to someday take a Disney Cruise. Someday. Somehow. The Disney Magic pulled into the Los Angeles Port this last weekend after a 15 day sail from Florida through the Panama Canal. It'll remain here through the summer and return to Florida in August after completing twelve seven night cruises down into Mexico.

This isn't the first time The Disney Magic makes a Southern California appearance. It spent the summer months of 2005 here when Disneyland celebrated it's 50th anniversary.

Knowing how much I would love to see the ship, my wonderful husband drove me all the way to Long Beach just to see the docked ship. We saw it again a few weeks later when we were at the same port for the Tall Ships festival. Both times, we got to see the ship launch and sail out of port. And as people on the ship waved to us on land, me in my Disney sappiness teared up, wishing I too was on that ship, cruising off into the sunset, longing to experience all the magic that laid ahead for all those people in the week ahead of them.

And now, three years later, with the soaring price of gas, driving the distance just to see a docked ship is really out of the question.

There is a rumor about the Disney pages that there is a Disney Cruise ship in the works to permanently dock in Southern California. And if I remember correctly, there was word of it possibly doing Alaskan cruises. Now THAT would be two dream vacations wrapped into one amazing, unforgettable vacation!!!


Anonymous said...

Throw Jeremy Camp on the ship, and you've got a spectacular dream cruise!! Oh, I'm wishing....I'm wishing.....

Amy :o)

Diana said...

Of course it's just a rumor, but I too am hoping for Disney to do an Alaskan cruise. If they do, wait for us and we'll join you on the cruise!!!


Darcy said...

Oh now that would be cool! I can think of a few other Disney Freaks that could join us and we'd all have a really great time together! :)


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