Saturday, May 24, 2008

Appreciation Gift

We were at a party this afternoon for a classmate of Hannah's. All of our kids have been together for the past three school years, and some of the parents have gotten to know each other really well over the years and we all enjoy hanging out and visiting. So Hannah wasn't the only one looking forward to seeing her friends (whom she's not seen for all of 48 hours), but I was also looking forward to seeing my friends as well.

One of the moms handed me a card and thanked me for all the work and creativity I put into being our class Room Mom. I tucked the card under my hands and thought I'd open it later, but she told me to open the card now. And inside the card expressing thanks and appreciation was a Target gift card!! And it was signed from "all the parents and kids of Miss Barrett's class".

I was so blessed and so blown away! I can't wait to go and use it on some things I've been wanting, but haven't wanted to spend the extra money, because of the increasing costs of gas and groceries, etc.

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